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11/11/2013AFM BioMed Conference SAN DIEGO 2014

El comité organizador de la Conferencia AFM BioMed se complace en anunciar la AFM BioMed Conference SAN DIEGO 2014.

San Diego 13 - 17 December 2014

6th AFMBioMed Conference  SAN DIEGO, December 13-17,  2014.

Chairman of the Conference:

Prof Adam ENGLER  University of California San Diego, USA

AFM BioMed Conferences are dedicated to life sciences and nanomedicine applications and investigate how Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) solves relevant biological bottlenecks and provides innovative solutions for healthcare. The conferences link International academic and industrial experts in life science, being involved either with AFM use or with medical/biological studies. The meetings provide a clear and comprehensive overview on advances in this field through keynote presentations, lectures, poster sessions and discussion forums.

Topics include single molecules, membrane, and cell biology and nanomedicine studies combining imaging and affinity measurements. Presentations stress the impact of AFM techniques in life sciences and nanomedicine. The meetings act as a forum to promote innovative cross linked research and highlight the power of integrating AFM with other optical and analytical techniques.

Toda la información se puede encontrar aquí: AFMBioMedConferences